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Discovery! Small hoard of a brand new series of Gadhaiya!


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So when Finn is quiet about Indo Sassanian coins, it usually means

1) His wife found out how much he spent on them and he's in the dog house,

2) He's burnt out on them and needs to de-spaghettify his brain, or

3) Something new is oozing out through Indian sellers and he doesn't want to attract undue attention and competition.

Well, this time around, it was 3!


I have more to post later, but a little teaser for now 😉

While seemingly ordinary specimens, this new type totally replaces both of the portrait's upper and lower lips with a single, four-pointed star! It is similar but not identical to the hair bun behind the ear. These are imitations and not an official mint product, as evidenced by the advanced degradation of the attendants on the reverse, and the lack of a "sun" to the top left of the fire altar. Based on the reverse and that this hoard contained a very large number of "lozenge" types


I believe that these are the work of the same mint, although I cannot begin to offer an explanation for what the extraneous symbols on either could mean!

Only 10 of the new "star lips" type were offered as of the time of this writing, and I purchased all 10 of them.

Now, where to put them...


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