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RIC V.4, The Gallic Empire," published


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I just saw this ad for a new RIC volume on the Gallic Empire:


Spink has published a new volume in the Roman Imperial Coinage series, covering the Gallic Empire from AD 260-274. -Editor

Roman Imperial Coinage Volume V.4 book coverRoman Imperial Coinage Volume V.4: The Gallic Empire
by Jerome Mairat

Regular price £150.00
276 x 219mm, 404 pages

The Roman Imperial Coinage (abbreviated RIC) is a typological catalogue of Roman Imperial coins from the Battle of Actium in 31 BC to Late Antiquity in 491 AD. It aims to offer a complete and chronological reconstruction of the whole coinage produced by each of the Roman emperors. The series was started in 1923, and has become the standard work for numismatic reference. It was previously comprised of 10 volumes in 13 parts, some of which are currently being revised and will be divided differently.

This brand new volume, published to celebrate the centenary of the series, covers the Gallic Empire from AD 260-274.

Jerome Mairat is the Curator of Roman Coins at the Ashmolean Museum and Lecturer in Roman Numismatics at the Faculty of Classics, University of Oxford. He holds the positions of Director for RPC Online and General Editor for the Roman Provincial Coinage series, having authored several volumes. His research is primarily focused on the third century coinage, both imperial and provincial.

For more information, or to order, see:
Roman Imperial Coinage Volume V.4: The Gallic Empire by Jerome Mairat (https://spinkbooks.com/products/roman-imperial-coinage-volume-v-4-the-gallic-empire-by-jerome-mairat)


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