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Unknown pfennig of king Wenzel


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@Tesauros, Bohemian is completely out of my league, but that's an impressive example; I really like the legend.  --Was he the 'Good KIng Wenceslas' of the Christmas carol?  Best of luck!

(Edit: just Wiki'd the carol.  Guess not --by roughly half a millennium.  Cool that the 10th-century one had so many namesakes, though.)


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I love the style of those coins! I've always wanted to get more of them. That is a nice one! They have a style similar to the "handhellers" of the same era. I see many coins of the same style when I search sites for "Mittelalter Pfennig."

The closest example that I have to that - mine is far rougher - came with the following attribution:"Mittelalter Deutschland. Pfennig (1441). Leichte Prägeschwäche. Sehr schön-vorzüglich. Augsburg-Bistum u. Stadt (gemeinschaftlich)."

Which a translation app turned into: "Middle Ages Germany. Penny (1441). Slight embossing weakness. Very beautiful-excellent. Augsburg diocese and city (jointly)."


You probably don't want to buy a read a book on the subject, but if you do, the following book might help.


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