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An event that hasn't occurred for 2300 years!


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Recently, I wasn't home when one of my packages arrived, so the next morning I took the slip to the post office and retrieved my coin. 

I haven't photographed that exact coin yet (and it deserves its own story), but here's a similar one to show off.


Islands off Attica, Salamis
circa 350-318 BCE
Æ 15 mm, 1,94 g
Head of nymph Salamis right, wearing stephane /
Shield of Ajax, on which [sword in sheath], [ΣA]-ΛA across fields
BMC 1, 2; SNG Copenhagen 455; Kroll-Walker 214, 640


Anyways, I took the coin to work and, to keep it safe, placed the slip neatly in my wallet. I then set about my work until maybe an hour or two I needed to visit "the facilities".

As I was sitting on the toilet, a thought occurred to me. It's probably been over 2300 years since someone took a dump while this coin was in their pocket or shirt.

Something to think about while you're digging into your turkeys tomorrow!

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