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Selling Egyptian amulets

Didier Attaix

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Hello everybody,

I am presently selling many Egyptian amulets of my collection, which are duplicates when not triplicates. They are all described in the attachment and will be provided with detailed COA and origin. Their reserve price is indicated in every document. 

Please contact me if you are interested.

Best regards,


Bes_amulet.doc Openwork_Wedjat_amulet.doc Thoth_amulet.doc Crocodile_amulet.doc Tiny_Pataikos.docx Scarab with the cartouche of Thutmose III.doc Hare_amulet.doc Bronze_Orant_or_Osiris_amulet.doc Bastet_or_Sekhmet amulet.doc Taweret_amulet.doc Red_crown_amulet.doc Small_Pataikos_amulet.doc Anubis_amulet.doc Uraeus_amulet.doc Blue_Nut_amulet.docx Button_stamp_seal_scaraboid_for_Thutmose_III.doc Bronze_Nefertem.docx Tiny_scarab.docx Faience_orant.doc Scarab_with_Bes.doc

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