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Two rare Egyptian amulets

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Hello everybody,

I just bought two rare Egyptian amulets:

1. During the Ptolemaic and Roman periods appeared Canopic jars (Osiris-hydreios) with the head of Osiris emerging from them. These solid jars were used by priests during processions to symbolically carry water from the Nile, Osiris being also an early fertility god. This one is in copper alloy. For parallels see Musée du Louvre #N 4382 and #AF10802 or University College London #LDUCE-UC60093.

2. Second one is a flat back glazed Late Period amulet representing a mongoose (Atum) on the back of another unidentified animal. There is a similar amulet in a private collection.

Both amulets were misattributed.

All the best,







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