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Anyone know what "T" stands for in Cohen?

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While writing an upcoming installment of Faustina Friday (spoiler alert!), I came across this listing in Cohen:


Cohen cites "T" for the existence of the coin. However, in his introduction (p. XXVII), he doesn't mention what T stands for.


Anyone know what Cohen means by this??

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57 minutes ago, Roman Collector said:

I FOUND IT!!! The answer lies in BMCRE4, p. 22! Look at the footnote to no. 132! It stands for Turin!

Great detective work @Roman Collector...now that you found it, easy to see Turin mentioned more explicitly in Cohen v. 2 for other coins:


I didn't find your specific coin of interest, but this may be a useful link to Filippo Lavy, Torino, 1840, Museo numismatico


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