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ANSWERED, THANK YOU Help with abbreviations please


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I have a coin from Augustus coming in a few days. The reverse legend has me scratching my head. The description highlighted in blue I am confused with.

The reverse text is CAES. AVGVS. CN. DOM. AMP. C. VET. LANC., pair of oxen to the right, below II (with line above) VIR.

Also the AMP is like this, is there a name for this style of inscription? The AN of LANC is the same.


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These are the names of the magistrates from Caesaraugusta, from the time the coin was struck. Gaius Vettius Lancianus and Gnaeus Domitius Ampianus.

The name for this writing style is called ligature. You can check here 


(not an article about ligatures only but very good)

Here is an example from my collection where we can see ligatures 


MN (first 2 letters on the legend) are ligate. NT from FONTEI also ligate. Below chin it's another ligature - RA, not visible on my example because of wear. 

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