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Frank Sternberg catalogs now online at archive


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My good colleague storico53 has posted a complete set of Frank Sternberg scans at archive. These are next to impossible to find online and there were some even I was missing.  He's also posted some super-hard to find Ratto sales. 

I've added links at rNumis...you can find them here:


rNumis » Auctions of Frank Sternberg

rNumis » Auctions of Rodolfo Ratto



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Thanks so much! My only two ex Sternberg coins AFAIK:

Roman Republic/Imperatorial Period, C. Vibius Varus, AR Denarius, 42 BCE, Rome Mint. Obv. Head of Bacchus (or Liber)* right, wearing earring and wreath of ivy and grapes / Rev. Spotted panther [leopard]** springing left towards garlanded altar on top of which lies a bearded mask of Silenus or Pan,*** and against which leans a thyrsus with fillet (ribbon); C • VIBIVS in exergue, VARVS upwards to right. Crawford 494/36, RSC I Vibia 24, Sear RCV I 496, Sear Roman Imperators 192 (ill. p. 116), Sydenham 1138, BMCRR 4295. 17 mm., 3.60 g.  Purchased from Edward J. Waddell, Ltd., Nov. 2020; ex Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG, Auction 83, May 20, 2015, Lot 83; ex Frank Sternberg Auction 17, Zurich, 9 May 1986, Lot 519. [Footnotes omittted.]


Here's the entry from p. 71 of the catalog, just retrieved (the lot is not illustrated, unfortunately, but I do trust Ed Waddell to get the pedigree right, and the weight matches)!


Plus one from a group lot from the very first Sternberg catalog in 1973:

Fausta (wife of Constantine I and daughter of Maximian), Billon reduced Centenionalis, Alexandria Mint (First Officina) 326 AD. Obv. Draped bust right, FLAV MAX FAVSTA AVG / Rev. Veiled Fausta standing facing, head left, holding two small children [representing Constantine II Caesar and Constantius II Caesar?]* in her arms, SPES REIP-VBLICAE; in exergue, SMALA [Alexandria, First Officina].  RIC VII Alexandria 40 (p. 709), Sear RCV IV 16582. 19 mm., 2.92 g.  Purchased from Herakles Numismatics, June 2020, ex Dr. Frank Sternberg Collection, Sternberg I, Zurich, Nov. 30-Dec. 1, 1973, part of Lot 524 (catalogue p. 61) (with old coin ticket).


 *  Sear argues (see Sear RCV V at p. 77) that the two children depicted were Constantius II and Constans, asserting that Constantine II was not Fausta’s son. This is a minority view.

The catalog entry, at p. 61:


The ticket: 


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16 hours ago, rNumis said:

@DonnaML  Donna, I think lot 519 may be illustrated in the Black and White plates at the end of the Sternberg catalog

Thank you; you are absolutely correct! It's illustrated on Plate XVIII, and is clearly my coin. I didn't realize that there were black and white plates at the end in addition to the limited color illustrations.


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I've just added links to 3 nice older Fixed Price Lists with ancients. They're from A. Canessa (Italy) 1948-50 and are well illustrated. They've been online at gallica for a while (so you may have seen them already) but I've only just got around to them. You can find them here:

rNumis » Fixed Price Lists of A. Canessa

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