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I bought rings!


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I keep having this problem. I see something, it catches my interest, and then $300 later I've jumped in with both feet.

I spotted a few lots of ancient rings that seemed to be selling for a very reasonable price, and well, here we are.

I'll start off with my favorite few and post more as I'm able. I am still very much new to this, so any tips or useful online resources are very much appreciated!


First up, a Greek or Roman intaglio ring depicting the bearded bust of a God left. Short beard makes me think this isn't Zeus/Jupiter, and lack of a modius rules out Serapis, so perhaps Asclepius?



Next, a Roman or Greek bronze ring engraved XAPI, "grace" or "charm"



A Byzantine monogram ring, KHTR?20231024_115007.jpg.a1ab191c265f2c8c8cb0d8c0e4627ca7.jpg20231024_115018.jpg.9713ea7224e52c9a2fb2970628ea3304.jpg


A sadly broken ring engraved in Aramaic or Phoenician and possibly depicting a seated figure left?




Stay tuned for more!

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Very attractive! I assume you're buying from a reputable dealer; fake ancient rings (and dealers in them) are at least as common as fake ancient coins. You should make sure to join the forum at https://ancientartifakes.net/smf/index.php if you haven't already, and browse the fake rings and sellers posts.

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