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finally picked up Isaura


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My birthday order ended up being built around the Alexander Balas coin.  I had wanted one after watching a coin grab bag video.   I noticed that this particular dealer had a long-time want, a Heraclius from the Isaura mint.  While the overcleaned state of the coin makes the Isaura rather unattractive, it's an otherwise fairly decent example for the type.  Does that count as a wabi sabi coin?  It'll have to do until I come across a better one.  Examples of Seleucia and Isaura usually aren't too worn, by Byzantine standards.  The price was certainly decent, being slightly cheaper than a recent inferior example from MA shops (which I missed out on).

The portrait is rather reminiscent of Scooby Doo's coin zombie. Or... Cobra Commander.  Even the Sear plate coin is faceless.  Did these ever have features?

I had also wanted an upgrade for my rather decrepit Antioch example of Vabalathus/Aurelian.  While the photograph is more flattering than the coin appears in normal light, the 38 Euro price tag made it a no-lose acquisition; a relative bargain, especially with the strong details.  I need to get around to finding a really nice, silvered version.

And now on to the Heraclius.  I just love this particular type, although I can't really explain why.  I just do.  It's also one of history's mysteries.  Why were pre-reform coins sitting around for so long? I have a vastly superior example of this one.  I just liked the type and the patina, so into the shopping cart it went.  What's the undertype?  An early Justinian?

Oh, and lest I forget the Claudius Gothicus - I don't really collect coins of the late 260s, but the portrait and the $16 price made it a no-brainer throw-in.

Which one has the most eye appeal in person?  Drumroll; the Heraclius from Sicily.



Heraclius, with Heraclius Constantine. 610-641. AE Follis/ 40 Nummi (11.83 gm, 31mm). Seleucia Isauriae mint (sic), it's really Isaura. Dated RY 8 (617/8). Obv.: LON hЄRACLЄRA, crowned busts of Heraclius and Heraclius Constantine facing; cross above. Rev.: large M; cross above, date across field; A//ISAYR. DOC 183; MIB 196; SB 848.



Heraclius. 610-641. AE 40 Nummi (12.80 gm, 31mm). Syracuse mint. 632-641. SB 882AurelianVabalathus-AEAntoninianus-Antioch-RIC381BN1252-20mm.3.77gZE.jpg.3c575573ff6427f04c94765d93073255.jpg

Aurelian, with Vabalathus. 270-272 AD. AE Antoninianus (3.77 gm, 20mm). Antioch mint. November 270 AD-March 272 AD. Obv.: [IMP C AVRE]LIANVS AVG / Z, radiate and cuirassed bust of Aurelian right; Є below. Rev.: VABALATHVS V C R IM D R, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust of Vabalathus right. RIC 381; BN 1252. Traces of silvering


Seleukid Kingdom. Alexander I Balas. 152-145 BC. AE 19mm (5.57 gm). Antioch mint. Struck 150-146 BC. Obv.: head of Alexander Balas as Herakles. Rev.: Apollo standing left, holding arrow and resting on grounded bow; star to left. SNG Spaer 1460; BMC 50.



Claudius II Gothicus. 268-270 AD. AE Antoninianus (2.34 gm, 19mm). Mediolanum mint. Struck 269/70 AD. Obv.: IMP CLAVDIVS P F AVG, radiate head right. Rev.: VIRTVS AVG, Virtus walking to right, holding spear and trophy; [P in exergue]. RIC 172 var. (bust type). Traces of silvering



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For those who don't know, Seleucia and Isaura, respectively, were military mints in Anatolia that Heraclius used while training troops for a counteroffense against Persia.  Of the two, I prefer Seleucia although Isaura seems to be the scarcer of the two.

Feel free to post any Heraclius issues from Seleucia or Isaura.

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