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<--1855--> U.S. half dime V-7 DDO R-?


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Here's are two  samples of a very rare US seated half dime. It is one of the top 100 varieties of the series. Now the two samples are the same variety different die state. 

First let's examine the strike...as you can see its has a major clash one of the pups pick up points as to the variety. The next pup is what makes this one so special!

The shield on a ordinary one seen on a seated half dime....has 6 horizonal lines on the top this one has 6 plus the reminance of a mis scribed die . Also you can see on the shield right side doubling ....thus a doubled die variety. 

My first was one of the only 9 known to exist. Thus the Rariety factor "R" is  ? As ithas just surpassed ten known specimens that exist . 

Please be aware that there are more to be found ! These are not pursued by most only  seated H~10 collsctors.

The neat thing about these two specimens is that there is a spread in both condtion and die state. You'll notice the crack on the rev. At the S  on one early and a cud on the other one later die state. 


The 1855 mintage 1,750,000 

C:WINDOWSTempB167 - 20230928_204436(1)~2.jpg

C:WINDOWSTempB166 - 20230928_204349(1)~2.jpg



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You'll notice that the red arrows point to the obv. Doubling of the right shield, as well the extra line at the bottom of the horizontal lines.  

But guess what? What would make this even more interesting?

The Shield doubling there is one with the doubling on half of the right side. And the one below that shows the doubling top to the banner. 

So yes you can have sub varieties. 


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Now the <1855> o  half dime is also a rare variety. With a smaller mintage of only 600,000 is also a top 100 variety datess and mint mark.  The 55 O has a die crack and cud on it's reverse.  

Now I totally understand that majority of the membership are into Acient specimens. But it never hurts to put another file in the grey matter. As one never knows when one may run across a specimen that you recall seeing somewhere before?

It maybe an unexpected  catch...but stranger things have happened...lol

With the stuff found on the information highway... that said you got stuff to store...lol.  hope you liked the post.



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Lastly I will bore you with this... I highly recommend that you buy or obtain any 'O' mint marked seated coinage you can.  You will find lower mintages as well rusted dies....remember New Orleans is a sea port and salt air = RUST. 

but not just the rust I find may O mints are sleepers....and a few smart purchases can payoff later.

Like to learn more? The guide to half dimes. 


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