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Little Gems by I W Chick


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Going though by library of numerous Numastic titles I ran across this book by I W Chick .

Chick was the UK top expert on Enamelled  coins & tokens. 

His  colored images in his 2002 ed. book on enamelled coins is the go to reference on the subject.

I do understand that some frown upon any alteration of  coins surface for any reasons.

However there's many other parts of our hobby where exonuma that use and deface money ,coins or tokens.

Enamelled coins are sometimes quite rare! 

Those done at the turn of the 20th century..late 1890- 1920's  are some of the best known.

The process of laying and layering the colors on the coin is the same touch of a watch maker or jewler.

The more colors the value increases, again depending on the host coin.

A Burmeese Peacock coin enamelled is quite lovely. As well other full and half crown size coins.

Here's a sample of enamelled specimens as well the go to reference should your Numastics ve tures take you to ,and on an enamelled coin. 

My last example from my collection. 1887 Shilling 





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I was first introduced to enamelled coins from a SA collector who lived in Canada.

I say that the UK as well European countries where the most part the center for these types of coin art. However there is a following world wide .

And the artist were vert talented, as it is a long process in preparation and laying the colors perfectly. 

They were very popular and even gold coins were enamelled.

I had a set of two matched $5 US gold indian's they were at one time cuff links...they had 7 colors of enamel to color the headdress and skin tone.

I sold the last to a collector at Disney studio's in Ca.


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