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Kings of Thrace


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Nice pickup! I've been considering the type for some time.

Here are some of my kings of Thrace.


Kings of Thrace. Kainian. Mostis
139-101 BCE
Æ 22 mm, 5,60 g
Vs: Kopf des Zeus mit Lorbeerkranz und Kopf der Hera mit Stephane hintereinander rechts.
Rs: Adler auf Blitzbündel links.
Peykov C4690; HGC 3, 1729.



Kings of Thrace. Lysimachos, as Satrap
circa 323-305 BCE
Uncertain mint. Macedonian.
Æ 24 mm, 14,25 g
Diademed head of Lysimachos right /
Lion leaping right; AP monogram below.
Yağiz LIS Series A, 28; Lischine 1150–1; HGC 3, 1496 (c. 196-190 BC[?]); BMC 1; SNG Copenhagen 899



287/281 BCE
Perinthos 17.08g
Kopf des vergöttlichten Alexander / Athena mit Nike-Statuette auf Cippus und Schild, Beiz. Monogramm und 2 gegenläufige Pferdeprotomen.
Thompson in Festschr. Robinson (1968), -, vgl. 256 HGC 1750q; Thompson, Armenak-Hoard (=ANS MN 31, 198 - Müller, Lysimachus - Arnold-Biucchi in Festschr. Price (1998) Unpublished variant(?)



Kings of Thrace, Skostokos
Æ 16mm 2.81g 12h
Kabyle, circa 277-260 BCE
Bust of Skostokos to right, wearing torque / Horseman charging right with flying mantle; ΣΚΟ[ΣΤΟΚΟΣ] below.
SNG Stancomb 300; Peter 1997, p. 219; Draganov, Cabyle, 1997, Type 1, 27-45; HGC 3.2, 1475
WildWinds plate coin
Ex Numismatics Lanz Munich 2007
Ex Heidelberger Münzhandlung Herbert Grün e.K. 2014



Kings of Thrace. Bergaios.
Early 4th Century BCE
10.30mm 1.05g
Obverse: Bearded head of Silenos right
Reverse: BEPΓ, fish right
Attribution: SNG Stancomb 288



Kings of Thrace. Kavaros
230-218 BCE
20.95mm 6.65g
Obverse: Laureate head of Apollo right
Reverse: BAΣIΛEΩΣ / KAYAPOY, Nike standing left, crowning king's name with wreath
Attribution: SNG BM Black Sea 195
Ex Wayne Phillips



Kings of Thrace. Hebryzelmis
389-383 BCE
Æ Tetrachalkon 18 mm, 5,74 g
Obv: Turreted head of Kybele to right. PH Monogram in rectangular incuse on neck
Rev. EB / PY Two-handled cup; below, grain ear right. Gorgoneion countermark in circular incuse on bowl.
Topalov 86



Kings of Thrace, Dixazelmeus
Circa 141-139/8 BCE
Ae 3.12 Gr. 16.4 mm
Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right.
SNG BM Black Sea 320-1; HGC 3.2, 1726

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