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Diminutive SC coins of Antioch - the so-called Imperial "Uncia"


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I became interested in these coins a few years ago and as luck would have it, I managed to acquire some very cheaply, thanks to a hoard that is apparently flooding the market as I've seen these offered in quite large group lots where they used to be quite scarce. 

Since there isn't any legend at all on these coins except the large SC, attribution has been somewhat contentious, with some arguing that they are imperial issues of the Uncia, a denomination worth 1/12 of an as or 1/3 of a quadrans, which had otherwise not been minted in 300 years. Others argue variously that they are either coins minted in Rome but then shipped to Syria to circulate in Antioch (based on style) or that they are a native product of the Antioch mint. They are fascinating little coins that deserve more study!

The first two are very clearly of Trajan and of exceptional style on flans of about 10-12mm and weighing 1.4g


But! Then there is this one that also comes on a 12mm flan but weighs 0.71g - exactly half!


I have seen no mention of there being multiple denominations within this series, but I can't help but wonder if that must have been the intent here?

Coins of Hadrian are markedly more crude, to the point that they can be a bit difficult to attribute to him. They usually have Greek letters which I assume to be some sort of control mark. It is more difficult to argue for multiple denominations here, as the weights varied from 0.9 - 1.2g and diameters from about 8mm - 11mm. This was the finest in the lot


These coins are generally attributed to only Trajan or Hadrian, but I'm having a hard time accepting this one as a Hadrian bust


Could it perhaps be Antoninus Pius? Or even Aelius?

Much more to learn from this series!

As always I welcome thoughts or any additional coins you have to share!

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