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New Datames Stater, and looking for Auctiones 6, 1976 Catalog


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I recently picked up a stater of Datames, and I'm super pleased with it. I'm also trying to research its provenance, and was wondering if anyone had a copy of the Auctiones 6, 1976 Catalog, Lot 263. I can't find it online or for sale currently, so was wondering if someone had a copy available.

I'm really happy to pick up this interesting type with nice toning. The Baaltars is quite crisp, and a lot more detailed than the Baaltars on my other Cilician staters. The reverse depicts a satrap, likely Datames, in satrapal regalia seated on a Persian-style throne. The depiction of the actual satrap is quite unusual in satrapal coinage. Such imagery may be an attempt to assert his legitimacy, which suggests that this issue was minted during the time of the Great Satraps' Revolt against Artaxerxes II. I've attached both my photos, and the auction house's photos below. I had a lot of trouble taking photos of this coin because of its dark toning.


Satrap of Cilicia. Datames, 384-361/0 BC. Stater (Silver, 25 mm, 10.22 g, 9 h), Tarsos.
Obv: [𐡁𐡏𐡋𐡕𐡓𐡆] Baaltars seated right on throne, with torso facing, holding grain ear, grape bunch and eagle-tipped sceptre; below throne, forepart of a bull right; all within crenellated wall.
Rev: 𐡕𐡓𐡊𐡌𐡅 Datames seated right on Persian-style throne, holding arrow; winged solar disk to upper right, bow to lower right.
Reference: Casabonne Series 2; SNG Levante 87; SNG BN 289.
Provenance: Ex Auctiones 6, 1976, 263. From the collection of a Mentor.

If anyone is interested in Cilician staters, then I’d suggest reading Moysey’s The Silver Stater Issues of Pharnabazos and Datames from the Mint of Tarsus in Cilicia.

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