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Mailing carriers you have issues with?


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I don’t get coins sent via FedEx too often, but I get anxiety whenever it happens. At best, I’d say only about half of the packages I’ve gotten from have arrived no problem. The other half of the time, they deliver to the correct house number but on a different street. That’s what happened to a coin last week; a whole week and six hours late, then misdelivered. Fortunately, I had no issues getting the coin back (and of course the coin also happens to be a dream coin that FedEx put at risk of theft/loss). Not to mention they tend to prop and position the package up in a way that makes it very obvious to potential thieves walking/driving by. I almost never have these problems with USPS, UPS, or DHL (knock on wood). FedEx even once lost a Justinian Carthage-mint large follis I really wanted; I’m still salty about that one. And, yes, I have made sure my mailing address is correct beforehand. 

Somehow, they almost always correctly deliver my cat’s food and litter box sand (only once misdelivered in over two years). So I’m sure my cat is cool with FedEx, at least.

Do you happen to have a problem carrier(s)? Any frustrating stories dealing with them?


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1 minute ago, David Atherton said:

Because I'm rarely home during delivery hours, I arrange to pick-up my FedEx deliveries at a nearby FedEx location, normally a Walgreens just a few blocks away. I've never had any issues with this method.

I do the same with UPS and DHL. USPS is delivered to my PO box.

I have them deliver to the nearby Walgreens, too, and have never had a problem.

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I have the most troubles with USPS. To date I've only lost one coin in the mail and it was with them.

On another occasion, a package from CNG arrived over a week late and had evidently been with the family dog during that time. Luckily, the coin happened to be in a slab (I later freed it) and was undamaged.

Then there was the time I was at home but they didn't ring the doorbell. When I arrived at the post office for my package, they couldn't find it! I kept bugging them until they found it had been misplaced on a shelf.

Over 50% of the packages shipped with them don't arrive on time. Therefore, I try to select any other carrier when I can.

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Mailing carriers you have issues with?

1) Bottle post. 🍾
Very slow and unreliable, wouldn't recommend.

2) UPS
Just a tiny bit more reliable than bottle post... I posted the story elsewhere. But I think that this depends on the country. One mail carrier could be great in one country and bad in another. I can only speak for Switzerland.

3) Mail pigeons

3 hours ago, Ocatarinetabellatchitchix said:

I used Mail Pigeon many times without any problem. They deliver within a 1000 mile radius, can’t be intercepted at customs and can carry anything up to 75g.

Falcons are often a problem. One pigeon breeder in Zurich was sentenced to 11 months in prison because he poisoned a falcon with a kamikaze pigeon a few years ago. But mail pigeons are anyways in danger of losing their jobs due to modernization and money reasons. Even the Swiss Army had to sell their elite carrier pigeons in 1995. 7,000 full-time birds with a further 23,000 privately ownedwinged troopers were suddenly jobless. They're almost outdated.

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I used to be like the guy from A Clockwork Orange when it came to FedEx, after the 2015 incident with my special turntable.  (Everything finally got there safe, it was just a nightmare to play tag with them to actually get the item).

I only get FedEx from Savoca, but haven't had any super bad incidents.

Well, because 98% of my shipments over 30 years were from USPS, of course that's giong to have the most issues.  Not that many.  One lost coin (due to getting mauled by machinery).  However, with Priority Mail I've had an incredible aamount of recent maulings. 3/4 of the 2023 Priority coin mailers were mauled or bent in some way.  It was the Priority stiff mailer.

My Justinian II package looked like a Panzer King Tiger had rolled over it.

UPS; I wouldn't know.  I avoid them.

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