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Domitian Denarius With Three Errors!! (Edited)

David Atherton

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Error coins interest me ... and coins containing multiple errors greatly interest me! The Flavian 'o' mint produced such coins in abundance and they are quite coveted by collectors today. My latest addition is yet another ex Curtis Clay coin from that error-prone mint.




Domitian as Caesar [Vespasian] Engraver's Error Mule
AR Denarius, 3.41g
Ephesus (?) mint, 76 AD
Obv: CAES AVG F DOMIT COS III; Head of Domitian, laureate, bearded, r., 'o' mint mark below neck
Rev: ION (sic) MAX TR P COS V; Winged caduceus
Cf. RIC 1491/1489A
(for obv./rev.). BMC -. BNC -. RPC -. RSC -.
Ex Harlan J Berk, MBS 224, lot 129. Ex Curtis Clay Collection. Ex Numismatic Naumann, E50, 5 February 2017, lot 515.

An unknown eastern mint struck a spate of denarii in 76 which copied many contemporary types from Rome. Both RIC and RPC speculate it possibly could be Ephesus, citing a similar style with a previous Ephesian issue from 74 and the use of an annulet as a mint mark. The series is riddled with error coins, such as this rare Domitian Caesar engraver's error mule. Here we erroneously have 'ION' instead of 'PON' in the reverse legend. The ION (sic) MAX COS V is a muddled reverse incompatibly struck for Titus Caesar (he could not have been PON MAX). So, a misspelled erroneous reverse impossibly intended for Titus Caesar paired with a Domitian Caesar obverse. Three mistakes on one coin! Same obverse die as RIC plate coin 1491. Possibly the only known specimen.


In hand.



Feel free to share your error coins.

As always thank you for looking!

Edited by David Atherton
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