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Double struck sestercius reverse - Faustina II


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I was intrigued by this and spoke to my friend who is a dealer in Spain. His opinion is it was struck over another reverse. After asking the opinion of @Roman Collector he like me thinks that it was double struck. Anyway, my friend offered it for 30 Euros as I had ordered 2 other coins. They arrived this morning. Your comments or opinions are welcome, as are your own errors for us to see.

Faustina II AE Sestertius. 19,80g, 33mm.
 DIVA FAV-STINA PIA, draped bust right / SIDERIBVS RECEPTA S-C, Faustina as Diana, standing right, holding long torch across body with both hands, crescent behind neck. RIC 1715, Cohen 215. SEAR 1988 # 1530
Commemorative issue struck under Aurelius, circa 175/6 AD.
Reverse struck twice with clear images of two torches and two S of SC. Bizarrely, it circulated for a long time in this condition.



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