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Two portraits of Nero from Thyateira


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These bronze coins of Nero were both struck in the Lydian city of Thyateira (present day Akhisar, Türkiye). The city possessed one of the seven churches in Asia Minor and was well known for its purple dye made from marine snails.

The coins are the same size, have the same legends, but feature two notably different likenesses of Nero. The refined hairstyle, broader facial profile, and assertive pose in the second example lead me to think that Nero is older in that example than the first.

The reverses show a labrys, a double-sided axe associated with Tyrimnos, a Lydian sun-god who was conflated by the Greeks with Apollo.

Does anyone have a coin from Thyatiera struck under Nero you'd like to share?



Lydia, Thyateira, Nero, Æ 17 mm
54-68 AD
Bareheaded bust of youthful Nero right.
Reverse: ΘYATEIPHNΩN; Labrys.
References: RPC I, 2381; SNG von Aulock 4268; SNG Copenhagen 595; BMC 58.
17 mm; 3.1 and 2.6 grams

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Nice coins, but these are two different types with different legend and different RPC numbers.

https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/1/2381 and https://rpc.ashmus.ox.ac.uk/coins/1/2382 


My example is similar to the second coin.


Lydia, Thyateira
AE 17
Obv.: NEPΩN KΛAVΔIOC KAICAP CEBA, Draped bust right.
Rev.: ΘYATEIPHNΩN, Double axe.
AE, 3.38g, 17mm
Ref.: RPC 2382


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Seems like the legend in the second example ends in CEBA which identifies the coin as minted while Nero was Augustus, while the first one has only the attributes and legend of Caesar. In fact, if you watch RPC 2381 which is your first coin you see that it is dated 50-54, while 2382, the second example is dated 55-60.

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None from this city for Nero himself, but I do have one featuring his mom:

Claudius, AD 41-54 and Agrippina II, AD 50-59.
Roman provincial Æ 20.2 mm, 5.81 g, 10 h.
Lydia, Thyatira, AD 50-54.
Obv: ΤΙ ΚΛΑYΔΙΟC CЄΒΑCΤΟC, bare head of Claudius right.
Rev: ΑΓΡΙΠΠΙΝΑΝ CЄΒΑCΤΗΝ ΘΥΑΤΙΡΗΝΟΙ, draped bust of Agrippina right.
Refs: Sear 507; RPC I 2380; BMC 22. 301, 57; SNG München 611; SNG von Aulock --; SNG Copenhagen --; Mionnet --; Wiczay --.

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