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Does anyone have Woytek? Would you look up a coin for me?

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Does anyone have the MIR volume on Hadrian by Woytek? Would you be so kind as to look up a denarius of Sabina with the obverse legend SABINA AVGVSTA HADRIANI AVG PP and the PIETAS AVG, Pietas seated left reverse type? Dates to 130-133 CE.

  • What catalog number is it?
  • What specimens of this coin are cited?
  • Is it illustrated? Could you photograph and post the illustration? I'm doing a die study.
  • Does it say whether or not it's a hybrid with a reverse type of Hadrian, RIC II.3 (2nd Ed.), 1412-15?

Thank you so much in advance!!

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As far as I know Woytek is not working on a Hadrian MIR at the moment. He has published Trajan and is working on Nerva.

Yours is RIC II.3 2509 (which you probably know, and where it is called a hybrid with the emperor's reverse) and cites specimens in the BM (pictured, ex L. A. Lawrence, https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/C_1950-1006-423) and the ANS (found in 1956 in Jordan, https://numismatics.org/search/results?q=1956.127.310). It is also referencing Strack 372 who didn't know these two as they were acquired only in the 50s, but two others: one in Sofia (pictured, attached below) and one in the Trau collection (no. 1388 in the 1935 auction, not pictured in the auction catalogue, only "s.g.e." (="very good") and sold for 5 austrian shillings).

Cohen 51 (= BMCRE 910 *) is citing "M. Hoffmann".



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