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A Shocking Victorian Cover-Up Revealed

Al Kowsky

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I've seen this fascinating story printed by a number of different news sources lately & felt compelled to share it with website members who may have missed it. In 1837 the Frey family commissioned the  artist Jacques Guillame Lucien Amens (1801-1888), to paint a group painting of their three children along with a teenage creole slave boy in the background. At some later time the creole slave boy was painted over to remove his image. Descendants of the Frey family donated the painting to the New Orleans Museum of Art in 1972, where it sat in storage for more than 30 years. It was then sold by a New York auction house in 2005 to an antique dealer who had the painting cleaned & restored. The restored painting is a beautiful example of American folk art & a treasure to behold ☺️. Pictured below are photos of the painting before & after along with a link to the article from the daily advertiser.




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