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How personal buying patterns can change over time


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I made a pie chart of 2022 and 2023 coin acquisitions, respectively, to show how my buying patterns had changed over time.  Have yours changed significantly?



2023, up to 8-20


Savoca for 2022 would have been higher, but I only started buying from them in the fall.  I've only made one buy from them in 2023, mainly because nothing has jumped out at me.  London ancients was a go-to in 2022, but the postal strike made transit time 4 weeks.  I've also kept up with their new stuff, but I haven't noticed any must-have coins.

Zurqieh jumped up in percentage, mostly because I was on an uncleaned and Sasanian kick.  The numbers are also skewed because I tend to bundle together inexpensive coins into an order.  David Connors rose because I've been into Byzantine AE's.  I'm not sure why it counted Sulla80 as 1% and several others as 2%, respectively.  All of the 1-2% consisted of a single coin.

Compare these with all (documented) coin purchases, 2009-2016. (2012-6 yielded few coins).  The raw coins from the local coin store (gifts) aren't cataloged. I was surprised at the results, not at the Incitatus section, but I thought I had purchased more from Ancient Imports/Marc B.  I guess my budget buys mainly came from Incitatus.  Notice how only 3% (unless I missed something) of the coins came from Europe in this chart, whereas 48% came from Europe in 2022.  22% in 2023.


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Mine are fairly difficult to change, because the coins I collect tend to be most available in certain outlets (Noonans, CNG, Spink, Chris Rudd, Silbury). I buy a lot more from eBay than I used to, as I become more confident in the authenticity of more types of coin. What is perhaps surprising is that while the majority of the value is with those dealers/auction houses, I've bought from over 200 sellers in the last 3 or 4 years.

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