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Coin identification please

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Side 1 seems to show two lions standing to either side of a palm tree.  Googling "coat of arms two lions standing palm tree" didn't come up with any close matches, however.  Bottom of side 1 has lettering at the bottom that seems to read BAPIE, which is just as mysterious.  Side 2 is harder to figure out- there's what might be a palm tree at the top, a border at the left, some vague "stuff" in teh center, and a trace of legend at the bottom.  My immediate gut is some Indian state, maybe 19th century (under the British Raj, to explain the Roman=alphabet legend), but which one and exactly when, I have no idea.

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We'd need the diameter and weight of the coin to get a more certain id, but your coin does resemble a obol/hemiobol from Samaria, with a male head facing left on the obverse, and a palm tree flanked by goats on the reverse, the obverse looks peculiar, possibly tooled.

Here are some examples of the Samarian coin I am talking about;






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I really appreciate everybody's efforts to help me out!

I also tend to agree with @The_Collector and @Pellinore.

Please take a look at the 2 Rupies fantasy coin mentioned i  the link

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That fantasy coin is a great find. I enhanced the picture a bit. This could be a coin inspired by a colonial German coin of the Emperor Wilhelm II with an eagle on his helmet. DOA = Deutsch Ost Afrika.


I'm not much into modern coins, but which coin inspired the reverse with the fancy presentation of two lions dancing around a palm tree?


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