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Debased and Stylized Kidarite


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One can certainly see the connections between the Early 4th century Kidarite coins (outside gold coin from a recent Leu Auction and not my coin)ย  and my Kidarite coin of the 7th/8th century (inside debased gold coin).


Kidarite, Vinayaditya, 7th/8th century, debased dinar (7.15g), Khasmir

Obv: highly stylized king standing left

Rev: abstract Ardoksho seated facing, sri vinaya / ditya in Brahmi

Ref: Mitch-3656/60, Cribb-32

This coin is so debased that it appears to be copper with very little gold, perhaps a contemporary imitation or illegal strike at the official mint.

The progressively simpler and more stylized engraving reminds me of the Macedonian tetradrachms of Alexander that progressed in the hands of Celtic engravers to this:


Joe Cribb's article on the early medieval coinage of Kashmir appeared in Numismatic Digest, vol. 40 (2016), pp. 86-112 and can be found on academia.edu.


Here's another only slightly less abstract coin from a bit earlier in 7-8th century sri durlabhadeva, Khasmir .


Ref: Cribb-31

for more on the kidarites and others coins that might be of interest see :

Share your kidarite coins, coins that are progressively simplified/stylized or anything else that you find interesting or entertaining.

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An early Kidarite base "gold" dinar:


INDIA, Post-Kushan (Jammu and Kashmir). Kidarite Successors. Yasovarman. 5th century AD. Pale AV Dinar (23mm, 7.58 g, 12h)
Obv: Abstract Kushan style king standing left; ๐‘€“ (ka in Brahmi) to left, monogram of ๐‘€“๐‘€‡๐‘€ค๐‘€ญ (Kidara in Brahmi) to right
Rev: Abstract Ardoxsho seated facing, holding filleted investiture garland and cornucopia; ๐‘€‹๐‘€ซ (rma in Brahmi) to left,ย ๐‘†ฏ๐‘†ซ๐‘†ย  ๐‘†ช๐‘†ซ๐‘†œ๐‘†ฎ๐‘†พย  (ล›ri yasova in Sharada/Brahmi) down right.
CNG, e-auction 399, June 2017, lot 364. From the William F. Spengler (1923-2005) Collection.

A good book on these is John Deyell'sย Treasure Trade and Tradition Post Kidarite Coins of the Gangetic Plains and Punjab Foothills, 590-820CE (2017)

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