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a mixed lot of Byzantines


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The coin I had wanted sold, so I went with my plan B buy.  My current buy has actually lapped my previous buy.

All of the AE's in this lot were purchased for their respective patinas.


Justin I AE31 Follis.  Nikomedia.  


SB 83.  518-527 AD.  17.72g.

It's an ugly coin, not because of the condition; it's actually quite nice for the type, but it has such a nice patina (for Byzantines) that I wanted it.  I'm not a huge fan of the pre-reform side-facing folles.  The patina is a nice, waxed olive-green.


A cruddy throw-in, but it has such a great patina.  One doesn't usually see jade green in non-Sicilian Byzantines.

A Justin II 20 nummia from Thessalonica.

I just realized what the seated figures look like, the Gods of Ragnarok from the Sylvester McCoy era of Dr. Who.

I prefer the later, more refined Antioch type, but the patina makes this coin quite a cutie.

Maurice Tiberius AE28 Follis.  Antioch, year 8


AD 582-602. Theoupolis (Antioch)   10.79g



The final one was the most expensive of the lot, although cheap for the type.  I bought it as a filler for Constantine VI/Irene, until I can pick up a portrait type.  It's my first miliaresion. I was surprised how relatively small it is. I had anticipated them to be more like the Islamic dihrems.


20.5 mm, 1.48 g, AR Miliaresion, Constantine VI and Irene.



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