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New Zealand Dollar 2003, suspicious or no?


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From an eBay source I no longer recall, many years ago I purchased this coin.  It came in the capsule shown, but with no case or certificate.   The proof quality is excellent, except the gilding on the ring on the reverse is not perfect.   The mass on my very cheap and perhaps unreliable electronic scale is 29.14 grams.  The edge is gilded and the reeding seems perfect.   All in all it looks to be Royal Mint quality, except for the gold ring.  

Is anyone familiar enough with this issue to hazard a guess as to its authenticity?   Was this issue counterfeited?image.jpeg.4837690c196285c60ffe13b82e1a5eb5.jpeg


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Sadly, I must report that this coin is a fake.   The inaccurate mass was an important indication, but beyond that, It is magnetic!   The true coin is made of silver.   There is a (real) nickel bronze version which may be magnetic also.  I do not possess one to test this.  The nickel bronze coin is not a proof and is not gilded, either.   

I have seen pictures of counterfeits which lack the $1 in the center of the ring;  an obvious tip off that the coin is counterfeit.  This one has the $1, so it is more dangerous.   

If I ever buy another of these I will certainly test with a magnet.   



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