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Any tips on finding a huge A2 follis?


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The relatively tiny A2's; 27-30mm, seem to be a lot more common (like 90-10) over the huge ones.

Any tips on finding a huge one?  Do the huge ones tend to have certain reverse decorations?

Most of the listings don't list size in the title, so one must trawl through every one.  I want to find a not terrible 35-40mm. one.

I'd also like to find a large Tiberius Constantine year 5 follis.  These also are a tough find.  The only non-$400 one on vcoins looks like it had bronze disease.

I had one in mind from Aegean, but opportunity cost came up and by the time I was able, it was sold.

*Well, I guess a price tag over $100 is usually one sign of a very large one.


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coin shows. The FUN show here in Florida, is where I got this. One of the dealers had bags of the anonymous series to go through. I like this one, paid well under 100 for it assure you. Its 35mm Its condition is only fine but its still nice.



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