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Identification needed


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It's probably one of the young Severan emperors and it's probably from Seleucia ad Calicadnum based upon the Apollo and Artemis reverse type. Here's one from my collection for Severus Alexander.

Severus Alexander AD 222-235.
Roman provincial Æ 24 mm, 9.19 g.
Cilicia, Seleukeia ad Kalykadnon.
Obv: AV K M AVP CEOVH AΛEΞANΔPOC, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev: CEΛEVKEΩN KAΛVΚA-ΔNΩ, confronted, draped, and laureate busts of Apollo and Artemis, c/m: o within Δ within triangular incuse.
Ref: Ziegler 474-476; SNG France 2 1009; SNG Levante 761; SNG Levante Suppl. 195; SNG Pfalz 1056-61; Waddington 4468; Lindgren III 898; RPC Online VI 7043. Countermark: Howgego 670.

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