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Variety the spice of life... share your's teach & lean a little..


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Well its that time of year that our interest change towards out doors activities and our focus on Summer holidays and travel. Well if you're in the Northern hemisphere...that iis...

But no matter the season and  our plans as a collector we are gifted with the obsession to maintain our needs to collect.

I laugh at times thinking of a squirrel and my likeness to....not gathering nuts for a long winter but gathering specimens of round disc.

Some dated some not...others bright and shinny others full of crud....corroded and dull....

No never dull! Always a story from centuries ago....from all over this world we call home.

Their history their stories tell us so much.... and we their keepers are enlightened, and made excited to share this knowledge with other collectors.....or whomever they can bore or convert to the fold.

If you are one of those "Keepers" and have a story to tell ,a variety to share,or a new discovery that's is going to enlighten us all....

 This is your thread! 

Acient, world, modern....post them all... along with their stories .....so we the "Keepers " can feed our heads and enjoy the knowledge we all crave.... as coinaholics... 


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1873 Shield nickel there are two varieties.  The open and closed 3.

Now the shield nickel came about after the American civil war. The country needing a coin that wouldn't be hoarded and would last a long time in circulation.  A coin not made of  PM that would deter hoarding or shaving the coin.

Thus the compound of Nickel - Copper plus the fact that a few members of Congress had nickel and copper mines.

Now in the early years mintages were high to get coinage back into circulation...as years went on mintages were reduced. 

By 1873 the mintages were being cut....making the 1873 a rarer specimen. 

I recently found a 1873 large date over small date variety.  Now shield nickels are a great place for a variety hunter to start as there are actually more un known varieties on shield nickels than those already known and documented! 

This is what the over date looks like  the FS 1301 is very rare and holds a nice premium for the variety.  A mid grade specimen can demand a $3500/4000 price!

C:WINDOWSTempB140 - 20230621_114820.jpg


C:WINDOWSTempB141 - 20230621_114836.jpg

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Here's a medal that I aquired by accident.  But so glad I did ...you see  I live <12 miles from Ft. Meade as the crow flies. The trees used grown and harvested here in Anne Arundel county.  And lastly it has come full circle if you read the article on the attached link. I assure you the link is safe.... a very interesting story of this famous infantry division. Read down the part about the cabin. 



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