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Help needed: Does anyone read Farsi or know something about Mughal manuscript illumination?


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Dear  Nvmis Forvms community,

I recently bought two illuminated pages from an old non-western manuscript. I usually do not collect Asian art or books, and this therefore was a purely opportunistic purchase. The pair cost me only 25€, which is less than the flea market value of the frames the pages came in, and I found the two gouache miniatures decorative.

Now, I would like to know more about what I bought. I can identify the calligraphy on the two manuscript pages as nastaliq (Perso-Arabic script), and judging from the style of the two miniatures, I suspect them to probably be 16th to 18th century works from the Mughal Empire. Yet, I unfortunately do not read Farsi, and although I am somewhat familiar with European medieval and early modern books, I know preciously little about Persian manuscripts.

Thus, since I am certain that a rather large chunk of the world's antiquarian knowledge is assembled here on this board, I would like to ask for your help. Can anyone tell me more about the two manuscript pages below, the miniatures or the accompanying text? Any information is appreciated!



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16 hours ago, John Conduitt said:

Use Google Translate (Persian). It seems to mention Karna, from the Hindu epic Mahābhārata. And the Qur'an. So a religious book, although that doesn't help date it as the epic was written by 400.

Thanks for the advice. I didn't know that Google Translate can now translate from images. I'm impressed that it recognized anything at all from manuscript pages - below is what I got from feeding the program my manuscript pictures. Most of the machine translation seems to be gibberish, though some of it is strangely poetic:



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