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The last of my crusties - Constantius II Soldier spearing fallen horseman 337-361 AD


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I don't think I posted this. I am grateful to the members of Nvmnis Forvms for being a classy crowd. I can post these very common coins among those of you who have the stellar silver and gold Owls and Quadriga's. You treat my coins and me with interest and respect. No snobs around here and I appreciate that very much. Don't think it doesn't get noticed.

Constantius II - Soldier spearing fallen horseman

Don't know much about it. Can't read the mintmark, but I still like it.





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That’s called sand patina rather than crust, isn’t it? I’d guess an eastern mint.

I see more owls and quadrigas posted than fallen horsemen. They’re an interesting design. I agree though - I don’t understand how they came up with the caption to a guy being speared through the chest of ‘happy times are here again’ 😂

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