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New DNA Extraction Technique Dates Elk Tooth 25,000 Years Old

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LIVE SCIENCE magazine recently published an interesting article on a human tooth found in a Denisovan cave in Siberia about 4 years ago. By recently using a new DNA extraction technique, it was determined that the tooth came from an extinct elk, & belonged to a woman who was using it as a pendant 😲. The wonderful thing about this new DNA technique is it doesn't damage the integrity of the object being tested 😊. There is one piece of this puzzle that hasn't been explained yet, how was the hole drilled through this small tooth (.79 in. long tooth) 🤔? The Denisovans were a paleolithic culture who used no metal of any kind, & the teeth of herbivores are unusually hard, so how did they drill this tiny hole with such precision 🤨? The Chinese were able to pierce jade that had a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale 2,500 years ago, by using bronze drill bits that had a diamond or sapphire tip. But there is a vast difference in time between these two cultures. Hopefully this question can be answered some day...





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