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Rex Factor, the History of England podcasts


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Ever since I got my mitts on a grotty Henry VIII, I've been rather interested in the history of England.

There's at least two nice podcasts that I know of, probably more.  I'm no more than two weeks into either of them, so I'm not a super-expert on the series. Here's my impressions.

Rex Factor: This is what Totalus Rankium was based on (and where I learned of it). It's a nice series for one episode overviews of a reign, which included not only the English kings, their consorts, but Scotland as well.

The downside: The early ones seem to have (at least for the ones I sampled) terribly low volume.  I tried to fix this in Audition,but it's like the old Ziv shows, with a large peak here and a large peak there, but low volume elsewhere else.  Unless I just level out all the volume, it's hard to fix.  This seems to have been fixed by the Charles II episode.  I can't just crank the volume because the commercials and peaks are going to blast.  I'm not sure if the low volume is for all of season one, but since Season one encompasses most of the medieval kings, that's a problem.

History of England:  I've sampled less of these, but these seem to be deep dives into individual reigns.  There will potentially be quite a few episodes per king, focusing on a particular aspect of the reign.

The Apple podcast page has such a lousy search function that it's difficult to find podcasts.  I have to either discover them through commercials or do a google search. 

Feel free to chime in about this or any other interesting podcasts regarding this theme.

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