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Titus Quinarius

David Atherton

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It is always a great day at Flavian Fanatic Headquarters when a Titus quinarius is acquired! Luckily, I was the only bidder on the lot, so it hammered pretty cheap.




AR Quinarius, 1.39g
Rome mint, 79-80 AD
Obv: IMP TITVS CAES VESPASIAN AVG P M; Head of Titus, laureate, bearded, r.
Rev: VICTORIA AVGVST (anti-clockwise, outwardly, from high l.); Victory std. l., with wreath and palm
RIC 94 (C). BMC 110. RSC 370a. BNC 88.
Ex Tauler & Fau, Auction 122, 2 February 2023, lot 2607.

Titus sparingly struck a small undated issue of quinarii in either 79 or 80. This Roman Republican Victory type is copied from quinarii previously minted by Vespasian. It is a mystery as to why quinarii were minted during the imperial era. Were they struck to make up required sums for imperial donatives as A Dictionary of Ancient Roman Coins states? Or were they minted as presentation pieces to be given away at special occasions? The opening games of the Colosseum is one such contemporary event that comes to mind. Either way, imperial quinarii are very scarce today.


In hand.


Feel free to share your own quinarii.

Thank you for looking!

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Even though rated as common, these Flavian quinarii are difficult to find.  Great catch.  Here's one of mineTitus_RIC_V810.jpg.abb7992ecd85793d4fa60ba21b82ee2c.jpg

RIC 0809 (V) Titus Quinarius

Laureate head right

Victory seated left with wreath and palm

Rome, 75 CE?


RIC 809 (R3) die matched to the Sneh coin
Legends begin from high left.


From RIC:
"Assigned to this year because there are no dated quinarii of 75, and the appearance of either AVGVST or AVGVSTI on the reverse suggests transition between the earlier series, up to 74 (with AVGVSTI) and later series, 76 onwards (with AVGVST).


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