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A few rare Egyptian amulets

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Hello everybody,

So far I have not been very active on Numis Forums. For those who are interested in Egyptian antiquities, I am posting a few recent amulet acquisitions, which are very uncommon:

1. The first one is a rare fly silver amulet. The amulet is well detailed after cleaning (it was heavily corroded) and in perfect condition. It is flat back and pierced twice for suspension at the level of the head and at the upper part of the thorax. H 1.7, W 0.9, T 0.2 cm. Probably New Kingdom, Dynasty 18: Gold parallels with a close overall shape and also pierced twice for suspension have been for sale in Bond St. London on 12 January 2020, lot 109: https://www.artfoxlive.com/product/4720830.html#prettyPhoto

Silver was more valuable than gold in Ancient Egypt, as it was imported from Asia Minor. I am not aware of any silver fly amulet elsewhere. 

2. The second one is a Lapis Lazuli janiform Bes. H 2.5, W 0.7, D 1.0 cm. Period: Late Period as all janiform amulets. It was erroneously described as a New Kingdom one. I am also not aware of any Lapis lazuli Bes. 

3. The last one is a copper alloy Syrian captive in a classical pose of submission, kneeling with arms bound in the back with a triple rope. The bronze has been gently cleaned and waxed. H 4.9, W 1.2, D 3.2 cm. Late Period. This one is in my opinion a masterpiece without any equivalent. I made a lot of research on that one. An expert comment on captives was made by Alexander Ancient Art, concerning a gaming piece recently sold see this link:   

I hope you will enjoy these 3 artefacts, as I do, see attached pictures below,

All the best,








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