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Questions about 2 rings


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Hello ladies and gentlemen, 

I always wanted an ancient ring - not something very expensive or fancy, but a wearable from old times. 
Managed to get 2 in the last auction I participated in. Quite a shot in the dark as my knowledge is zero. I would like to see if any details are available from knowledgeable members, please. 

First one - I thought the gemstone (if it is a gemstone) is nicely carved, although in a crude style



Description - " ANCIENT ROMAN BRONZE RING / GEM STONE (1ST-5TH CENTURY AD.) 2.25g"I discussed with a museum specialist (but not specialized in rings, and I don't know anybody with knowledge about this subject) and he suspects the character is Sol/Helios. Also asked the house, they had no details but they think it would be Mên.

Not sure if it has any importance, but the diameter is very small. It barely fits on my pinky, and my hands are not that large - so I think this might be a child's ring.

The ring itself is extremely simple, no ornaments on the metal. 

I would be interested to know what is the gemstone and of course, historical details about the ring.








This one is even more puzzling. The museum specialist had no idea. The house replied and told me this might be in fact Seljuk. 
I checked also with some jewelers as I was interested what is the stone. Not being described as gemstone made things even more difficult. Unfortunately I received some different answers, last ones being "blue jade" or "blue pearl". 

The stone - or whatever it is - is quite dull. Wouldn't eliminate the possibility of a modern ring with a blue plastic sphere, but I only had positive experience with this house (.... but I only bought coins from them).

So, Byzantine/Seljuk/Chinese 21st century? =)) and what would be the stone?

Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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