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My French Louis's Collection (so far) and how i got on this kick...:D


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...with the arrival of louis the Pious's coin and the jeton of Louis XVII (there were no coins minted)...i am getting close to filling the card...i lack coins for 5 (yeah i got a Phillip IV filler for LX  but...9_9).. i think a medal by Caque of those who are not possible to get or are very expensive and in short supply..and those ain't exactly 'cheap'..:P



...my 1st Louis was the namesake of where i was born, St Louis Mo....then i fancied 'hey, why not get'em all?!?..and from there, the rest is 'history'...

post your similar story/coins if you can and want to relate  😄



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Pretty amazing, @ominus1.  A Louis IV, from deep in the weeds of the late Carolingian period, is still on my bucket list.  But here are a couple of feudal immobilizations in his name.  The first one is early, and has the Only Slightest Chance of being a lifetime issue. 


(Bishopric of?) Langres, Louis IV (936-954) or an early immobilization, 10th -early 11th c.  Denier.

Obv. 'RX,' later degenerating into an 'X' (Nouchy: 'epee') and an 'I; mostly not struck up.  +HL[VD]<>VVICVS.

Rev.  Cross, no pellet in angle.  (The initial variant, acc. to Depeyrot.)  +LINcONIS CVTS.  (Nouchy lists an example pairing the degerate 'RX' monogram with the variant '...CIVITAS;' speculatively, this could be a collective 'tell' for the immobilizations.)

Depeyrot 474, Nouchy p. 291, No. 11.



County of Angouleme.  Denier immobilized in Louis IV's name, c. 12th-13th centuries.

+LODOICVS /Crosslet, three annulets and crescent; +EGOLISSIME.  Duplessy 947.

...Almost ironically, given how scarce lifetime issues are, Louis IV gets second billing for the profusion of feudal immobilizations in his name, right behind Charles II.


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25 minutes ago, DonnaML said:

@ominus1 Don't forget that after you've collected everyone named Louis, you have to get Ludwig II of Bavaria and any other Ludwigs!

haha...well now, you know that named gets strung out to some other types of 'Louies'...kinda like 'Charles'..becomes Charlemagne. Carlos...that is an educational part of coin collecting to me....:D

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To @DonnaML's points, you can see a couple of Medieval Latin variations of 'Ludovicus' on my two (likely) immobilizations, and the full original on @Qcumbor's Louis XIII, at the top of his post.  But, Donna, you're absolutely right, as usual.  The Classical Latin form survives on this gros tournois of Louis IX, and on a Lot of the Capetian royal issues, so in Louis XIII's case, it's not reducible to the full version being revived, post-Renaissance.


I've said this more than once, but in the case of 'Louis' vs. 'Ludwig,' it's almost as if the French and Germans took 'Ludovicus' and split it between them.

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