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ID of an Elymais drachm


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Just got a coin that has a tag in the flip, Phraates, Elymais, AE Drachm. van Haaff type  14.2-1-2A from dealer Lanz. Below are my images and from AC Search which says Orodes II. Early-mid 2nd century A.D. AE drachm (11.5 mm, 2.52 g, 11 h). Bearded head right with two diadem and pearl collar / bust of Belos facing with Aramic legend around (counter clockwise): WRWD MLK'' BRY WRWD (King Orodes, son of Orodes). van't Haaff type 13.2.1-2B; Alram 478; De Morgan type 44/5. aVF. Scarce.

I am confused, but this is only my second Greek ancient.





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22 minutes ago, Kamnaskires said:

Good catch. The Lanz attribution is incorrect. The reverse of your coin is a typical Elymaean depiction of the bust of Belos facing, not the eagle of Phraates (van’t Haaff 14.2) issues. Your coin is an issue of Orodes II, van’t Haaff 13.2.1-2B.

Thank you very much. Good to know that researching what I receive isn´t in vain.

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