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A couple more iconic Roman sites

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Unfortunately, some of the great Roman architecture was not represented on ancient coins, two that I have a special liking for can be found on early 18th century Papal medals, I remember my first trip to Rome walking into the Pantheon and surely thinking this brilliance could not have been constructed 2000 years ago. Such a wonderful experience to visit, after I walked away mesmerized I stumbled across Castel Sant’Angelo, I have my first pic of this architectural wonder as I walked across the bridge leading to it. 

ITALY, Papal (Papal State). Pius IV. 1559-1565. Cast Æ Medal (31mm, 13.04 g, 12h). After an original obverse by Gianfederico Bonzagni, and reverse by Alessandro Cesati “il Grechetto”. Cast circa 18th-19th century. · PIVS · IIII · PONTIFEX · MAX, bust right, wearing mantum / INSTAVRA TA, aerial view of the Castel Sant’Angelo (Hadrian’s Tomb) and the surrounding fortifications. CNORP III 525. 



I know Curtis has a great pic of inside the Pantheon that I hope he shares.

ITALY, Papal States. Benedict XIV Lambertii, 1740-1758 AD. Æ38 Medal (22.09 gm) by Hamerani, 1757, possible original strike. Capped robed bust / Interior of the Pantheon. Maz.479.  


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The Pantheon is still the largest unsupported concrete dome in the world:


A tribute to the incredible brilliance of the anonymous Roman engineers who designed and built it.

The inside is no less impressive, but my personal belief is that it would have been much more interesting had the original Roman god and goddess statues NOT been replaced by later religious iconography:


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