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Nice look to the revamped Numis Forums website!


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I just noticed that my Zoom setting was at 80%

There is actually nothing new I guess, the layout just appears much different at 80% than it does at 100% which is what I have always looked at the site with.

Still, it's new to me and I am a little embarrassed for posting a new topic. LOL

You can delete the whole sha-bang and I wouldn't mind. 

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I'm still laughing. I have logged in here over a thousand times and many more not logged in visits I bet, and yesterday was the first time I saw the site appear like this. I have trouble seeing small stuff so I set my text big and zoom high on most everything.

It is nice at 80% on the laptop but on my PC it will be much better and a permanent setting on that larger screen so I see it as it is intended.

At 100% ( How I saw it every time until last night )



At 80%


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