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Unidentified Crusty Theodosius I


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Hey I really looked, and looked more. On Wildwinds I find no mintmarks that match what I think looks like SMA P? Don't find any that begin with SMA anything. I don't have my calipers handy for measuring mm but this photo may help comparing size to a nickel.


Can anyone help? As sandy as this is, I still like it. I'd like to classify it a bit. Thank you! I'm sure it is quite common.

Theodosius I also called Theodosius the Great, was Roman emperor from 379 to 395.
During his reign, he succeeded in a crucial war against the Goths, as well as in two civil wars, and was instrumental in establishing the creed of Nicaea as the orthodoxy for Christianity.
Theodosius was the last emperor to rule the entire Roman Empire before its administration was permanently split between two separate courts (one western, the other eastern).
Theodosius was said to have been a diligent administrator, austere in his habits, merciful, and a devout Christian.
For centuries after his death, Theodosius was regarded as a champion of Christian orthodoxy who decisively stamped out paganism.
He is fairly credited with presiding over a revival in classical art that some historians have termed a "Theodosian renaissance"

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