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Leu Donating to Earthquake Relief

Roman Collector

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I received an email this morning from Leu about their efforts to help those affected by the earthquake in Turkey. They will be donating 1% of the hammer price of their upcoming Web Auction 25, running from 11 to 14 March 2023, to the Swiss Red Cross, in order to contribute to emergency aid and rebuilding efforts in the affected areas.



Tens of thousands have been killed and countless others are homeless or wounded. The affected areas are what we in the ancient numismatic community would know as Cilicia, Cappadocia, Syria and Commagene, and many of our coins were produced in the region. I have coins of Zeugma, Mopsuestia, Hierapolis, Tarsus, Adana, Antioch, and Anazarbus, for example. The city of Antioch, if you'll recall, was destroyed by an earthquake. @Al Kowskyhas written about the mosaics in the city of Gaziantep, the city closest to the epicenter.

We all want to help. This article is helpful to know which organizations are best and which to avoid.

Some of the highest-rated charities on Charity Navigator for Turkey and Syria earthquake relief efforts include:

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Add to list of cities and link to Al Kowsky's post
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