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Gallienus 253-268 AD Rome Antoninianus ~ Mars God of War on Reverse


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I like the color of this one. 

I will confess that I used my photoscape to carefully paint around the coin images.

I did pretty good.




Gallienus, 253-268. Rome. Antoninianus Mars God of War. rare. Emerald Patina
Bronze, 20 mm, 2.27 g, 4 h), Rome, 265-266. GALLIENVS AVG


The name given in modern times to a Roman coin thought to be twice the value of a denarius. Originally a silver coin. The amount of silver in the mix dropped drastically over the years, and later antoniniani were hard to tell from copper or bronze.

Obv. Radiate and cuirassed bust of Gallienus to right.

Rev. MARTI PACIFERO Mars standing front, head to left, holding branch in his right hand and placing his left on shield set on ground; spear leaning against his left arm; in field to left.

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Great addition @thenickelguy.  Good work on removing the background. That is the part of coin photography that takes me the longest. I have tried to get my background as black as possible so I don’t have to do anything but it never looks right unless I crop it. 

My collection is short on Gallienus but I do have a fun Mars! This one has a provenance back to the 1940s.


Roman Empire
AR denarius, Rome mint, struck ca. AD 206
Dia.: 18 mm
Wt.: 3.18 g
Obv.: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG; Laureate head right
Rev.: PONTIF TR P VIIII COS II; Mars in military dress standing left, right hand resting on shield, left hand holding spear
Ref.: RIC IV 83
Ex Otto Helbing Nachf. 86 (Nov. 25, 1942); Ex Gorney & Mosch Auction 241, lot 3068 (Oct. 12, 2016); Ex arnoldoe Collection

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