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tet vs. stater Lysimachos type


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Last year I've sold with a great pain one of my favorites - good style stater of Lysimachus, but some time after I've purchase a tetradrachm to kill the pain. And I discover an interesting thing: of course it's better to own both, tet & stater, but now if I should need to choose one, I'll choose this tet. So, I am completely heeled with a multiples lower costs 😀 

Yes, this is not a common tet, but one of the greatests obverse dies from Pergamon mint with emotional and realistic portrait of Alexander. And this advantage completely beats even gold.

What would be your choice, and what Lysimachus coins you have, please, let me know 😀



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Personally, I'll probably never own a Lysimachos stater. However, I do have a tet that I'm very happy with.


287/281 BCE
Perinthos 17.08g
Kopf des vergöttlichten Alexander / Athena mit Nike-Statuette auf Cippus und Schild, Beiz. Monogramm und 2 gegenläufige Pferdeprotomen.
Thompson in Festschr. Robinson (1968), -, vgl. 256 HGC 1750q; Thompson, Armenak-Hoard (=ANS MN 31, 198 - Müller, Lysimachus - Arnold-Biucchi in Festschr. Price (1998) Unpublished variant(?)
Ex Dr Busso Peus Nachf

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Gold glitters, but the style and detail on your Tetradrachm is wonderful.

Kings of Thrace. Lysimachus, 305-281 BC. AR Tetradrachm (29mm, 16.83g, 1h), Magnesia pros Maiandra's Mint, struck circa. 297/6-282/1 BC. Obv: Diademed head of Alexander the great facing right wearing horn of Ammon; Rev: Athena Nikephoros seated to left, left arm resting on shield, spear behind; BAΣΙΛΕΩΣ to right, ΛYΣIMAXOY to left, race torch with fillets to outer left, monogram to inner left. Ref: HGC 3.2, 1750e; Thompson 115; Müller 443a (Chrysaoris); Ute Wattenberg & Jonathan Kagan, "Some comments on a new hoard from the Balkan area," Travail Le Rider, p. 399, 74. Toned Good Very Fine, a few light marks. From the Otakirak Collection. Stacks Jan 2012 NYINC Auction Lot 199


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I don't own a Lysimachos tetradrachm - and of course, not a stater either. 
But I do own a Lysimachos drachm from Ephesus (Thompson 174; Müller 355)


I bought this coin by mistake, as I was watching an auction without paying attention (the coins I wanted were coming after more than 100 coins). So I was just watching, switching tabs in the browser. I saw this without bids - going once, going twice so I clicked Bid, thinking it's a pity to leave this coin unsold. Usually the lots started at 10 euros. 
Of course, even if this coin is not the best drachm in the world, it would have been impossible that nobody bids at 10 euros start price. 
Actually the starting price was 100 euros. I won it. Initially I was annoyed - paying 100 euros for a coin that is not directly in my area of interest is not an option.
But, even if the coin shows corrosion, the artistry and the design made me like it a lot. 

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