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The bridge at Antioch on the Maeander River


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Antioch on the Maeander river in Caria was a minor town. It is famous primarily for having had a bridge which is no longer extant. 


But, it did strike a few impressive Roman provincial coins. This one is larger than a Roman sestertius at 36 mm and 24.03 grams. 


Gallienus (253-268)
Helmeted bust left, holding spear forward and shield.
Bridge with 6 arches, rivers flowing below, river god reclining on it with reed and cornucopia, and three-arch arch (with a bird on top) at the left end. Similar coins come as small as 31 mm. Obviously, the larger 36 mm version is more impressive.
Sear Greek Imperial 4568.
SNG von Aulock II 2430 and IV 8059 variety (with the arch on the right instead of the left).
Price and Trell, page 50, figure 82 (reverse only).

A second feature of interest is the helmeted bust of the emperor. In the late third century and fourth centuries emperors are often depicted helmeted on coins.  I don't know of imperial or provincial coins which have the emperor helmeted earlier than than Gallienus. If anyone has one to show, I'd love to see it.

Show us a bridge or an early helmeted Roman emperor!

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RPC has a helmeted Hadrian standing for Amphipolis. 


It also states this type as helmeted but I have not seen an example that looks definitive.


Macedonia, Amphipolis. Hadrian AE20

Obv: AΔPIANOC KAICAP. Emperor helmeted standing front, head l., r. hand raised, holding parazonium in l.
Rev: AMΦIΠOΛEITΩN. Artemis Tauropolos standing left with torch and branch, wearing kalathos and crescent.
SNG ANS -; BMC 102.


That is an amazing architectural provincial!





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