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Look at Messalina on the reverse of this Roman Alexandrian tetradrachm: she's balancing not one but two infants (supposedly representing Claudia Octavia and Britannicus) standing together on the palm of her hand!


At least on this Faustina II reverse, Marcus Annius Verus is sitting down on the outstretched palm of Fecunditas, and doesn't appear to be in immediate danger. 


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Two infants, one in each hand. But ok, maybe not a big problem if the babies are olympic gods.


Valerian I (AD 253-260).
Asia Minor, Ionia, Ephesos.
Obv: AYT K ΠO ΛIKINI BAΛEPIANOC, Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust right.
Rev.: EΦECIΩN Γ NEΩKOPΩN, Leto advancing right, head left, holding her children, Artemis (right) and Apollo (left); Apollo holding branch; Artemis holding bow and drawing arrow.
AE, 27mm, 7.21 g
Ref.: Karwiese 1057 (V/R); SNG von Aulock 1921; BMC -.

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7 hours ago, Alltricks said:

Hello all,

I don't know if this is the right topic,but can you tell me, please,something about this coin/medal ?

Aprox. 10 cm .

Thank you !!



You should start a separate thread to ask about this -- it has nothing to do with this thread and will get lost here.

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@Alltricks- first, welcome to the community.

I am not sure that is a real ancient coin. I strongly suspect it's a fantasy piece (but I might be wrong). The reverses with sow and piglets (similar variations) are mainly used on modern fantasies.


(first entries)

I remember many years ago I was in some kind of bazaar with many sellers trying to sell various things, mostly junk. I don't remember the obverse, but the reverse is similar. I do not recognize the obverse and the legend does not make sense (for me) but I don't believe that's a genuine ancient coin.

However, this thread is about various characters holding babies or small persons and practicing balance. It appears this discipline was popular in Olympus, Jupiter practicing it too  (a giant palm surely helps)


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