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Simon's top 10 for 2022


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I had trouble getting this one in any sort of order Starting at # 10 going down to #1, mostly Eastern Empire coinage with one exception.  Also sorry for the mixed backgrounds, I have not had a chance to rephotograph all of them. 


Alexius III   El Aspron Trachy.

Alexius III; 1195-1203 AD. Constantinople, EL Aspron Trachy, 4.31g. Sear-2009. Obv: Christ enthroned facing, nimbate, raising r. hand and holding Gospels in l.; IC - XC to l. and r. of his head. Rx: Alexius and St. Constantine standing side by side, holding cruciform scepter between them. Mint State

A beautiful example. 




 Parthian Empire, Orodes II

 Silver drachmSellwood 47.9; Shore 241; SNG Cop 100; BMC Parthia p. 88, 173; Sunrise 373, EF, light rose tone on luster, excellent portrait, light marks, irregular flan shape, Mithradatkart (near Askabad in Turkmenistan) mint, weight 3.647g, maximum diameter 20.3mm.



Seal Stamp

I got help on this from Gert on the Forum Board, not a coin but something cool. Got it in a group lot from Nomo. He attributed as such bellow.

That is a Greek monogram, c. 7th-8th century I'd say. The positive impression would have K on the left, NC on the right, TOV on top and AW below.
It can be solved KWNCTANTINOV, Konstantinou, the genitive of the name Konstantinos, ("of Constantine"), which is expected for early Byzantine seal stamps.




Alexius I AE Trachy Constantinople

I am trying to finish up the 12th century, this fellow does not come up for auction often, it replaces an inferior example I had in my collection.

Facing bust of Alexius, wearing crown and loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger.

Sear 1919. Weight 3.62 28mm





Alexius AE City Tetarteron

Just a really beautiful example of this type. I think it might still have silvering under that patina.

Alexius I Comnenus Æ Tetarteron. Constantinople, AD 1081-1118. Facing bust of Christ Pantokrator, holding open Gospels / ΑΛ[Є ΔЄC], crowned half-length bust facing, wearing loros, holding labarum and globus cruciger. DOC 33; Sear 1920. 3.73g, 20mm, 6h.




John V Stavation

Rare and heavy coin and an example of what was then the beginning of a new denomination. Not beautiful but I really liked the Christ portrait on this coin.

Byzantine Empire, John V Palaeologus, 15 June 1341 - 16 February 1391 A.D., Silverstavraton, cf. DOC V 1277 (also no sigla) & 1295 - 7 (similar rev.); Bendall LPC p. 154, 2; Lianta 900, Bendall PCPC 327, SBCV 2510 7.91gm  26.9mm



Manuel Thessalonica Hyperpyron

The Thessalonica issue rarely comes to auction, I bought this one from a dealer and it came with a David Sear cert of authenticity and grade.


Obv: Beardless bust of Christ facing, wearing nimbus cross (the limbs of exaggeratedly ‘radiate' form), tunic and kolobion, his right hand raised in benediction and holding scroll in left, IC-XC across central field, with the legend +KЄ ROHΘЄI
Rev: Manuel standing facing, wearing crown, divitision (military tunic) and chlamys, and holding labarum and globus surmounted by plain cross, manus Dei in upper field to right, MA/NOV/HΛ/ΔEC [ΠO/TH] on left, Tω ΠO/PΦ/Γ on right 4.52gm 29mm




Alexius El Aspron Trachy

I had tried numerous times to get one of these, I actually lucked out and won it cheaply on a heritage auction because it was not slabbed. Hard to come by. 

Alexius I Comnenus (AD 1081-1118). EL aspron trachy (30mm, 4.41 gm, 5h). Choice Fine, crack, graffiti, scratches. Constantinople, post-reform coinage, AD 1092-1118. MHΡ-ΘV (barred), Virgin Mary, nimbate, wearing pallium and maphorium, seated facing on backless throne, holding nimbate head of young Christ facing; single border / A/ΛE/ΞIΩ / ΔEC/ΠO/Τ-TW / KO/MN/N Alexius I standing facing, wearing crown with pendilia, divitision and sagion, five pellets on sleeve, jeweled scepter in right hand, globus cruciger in left; single border. Sear 1915.



Romanus IV Diogenes AV histamenon nomisma

Very difficult to get this one to photograph well, too much reflection. I darked this picture so you could see it better. 

Romanus IV Diogenes AV histamenon nomisma, 1068-1071 AD, 4.29gm, struck in Constantinople, 28.3mm.  Obv: KѠN MX ANΔ; three princes, sons of Constantine X and Eudocia, each standing on suppedion, each wearing saccos and loros: Michael standing facing, holding labarum and akakia, between Constantius left and Andronicus right, both holding globus cruciger and akakia.  Rev: PѠMAN EVΔѠK; Christ with nimbus cruciger, wearing pallium and colobium, standing facing on suppedion, crowning Romanus left and Eudocia right, both dressed in saccos and loros, both holding globus cruciger; IC XC, with macron above each, flanking head of Christ.  DOC 1; Sear BCV 1859.  EF



Alexius III AR trachy.

This coin should not exist, picked it up from Roma and it has an extremely high silver content.  I had a nice discussion on this piece on this board. I will get it tested to see what the silver content actually is. I will post that on the board as well. 

Alexius III Angelus-Comnenus BI Aspron Trachy. Constantinople, AD 1195-1197. [+KЄPO] HΘЄI, Facing bust of Christ Emmanuel; [IC]-XC across upper fields / Blundered legend, Alexius and St. Constantine standing facing, each holding labarum and a globus cruciger between them. DOC 3d; Sear 2011. 4.05g, 25mm, 6h.Near Extremely Fine.



I hope everyone had a good 2022 and 2023 brings about more great coins. 

Happy Holidays to All!


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