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Many tiny letters (on a quinarius of Trajan)


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I collected Roman coins for over 30 years before I got my first Roman imperial quinarius. I still have an old  paper "want list" of mine dated 1998 with "Trajan quinarius" on it. In 2006 I finally got a quinarius, but of Hadrian, which was not my first choice. I hadn't found a Trajan so I settled. Republican quinarii are much more available and I have some, so I was able to write a website on the denomination:

Well, yesterday the drought was broken and my Trajan quinarius arrived. Here it is, at first compared to a denarius (Photos are to scale. I would take them side by side, but the denarius is in the bank). Notice they have the same obverse legend. The legend seems long on the denarius, so the letters have to be smaller on the quinarius. There are 30 of them around and if the legend went all the way around it would be 35 mm long (diameter to the middle of the letters is 11.2 mm and that times 3.14 = 35.2 mm.) That works out to only 1.17 mm per letter. 


Quinarius, 14.6-13.7 mm. Denarius 18 mm. 
Quinarius RIC 281, King Trajan 54 (52-56 are all very similar)
Denarius: RIC Trajan 203.
Trajan was COS V from 103 to 111.

Here is a hugely enlarged photo so you can read it:


Show us some other quinarii or other coins with tiny letters!

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That's lovely, @Valentinian! Imperial quinarii are hard to come by. As an Antonine collector, they are rare as hen's teeth for my collection and I don't have any of Antoninus Pius or Faustina.

Here's a little quadrans of Trajan, though. Its letters are pretty tiny.

Trajan, AD 98-117.
Roman Æ quadrans, 3.68 g, 16.4 mm, 6 h.
Rome, AD 98-117.
Obv: IMP CAES NERVA TRAIAN AVG, laureate bust right, drapery on left shoulder.
Rev: She-wolf walking right; SC in exergue.
Refs: RIC 692; BMCRE 1060; Cohen 338; RCV --; Woytek 599b1.

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