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Hacksilber coin, Petroceres-Nitibroges


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I bought this coins years ago without knowing anything of. This has not changed till today.So my question : where can I find information ? For me, the information I have found online is to general. Can somebody help me ? Thank you and show your hacksilber coins, please.


1.88 gr, 11 mm

Obv : abstracct head left

Rev : Cross with central pellet, 4 smaller pellets around, Axe (r) and pellet within circular border (l) in visible angles

1st century BC

ref : LT.cf.3316(axe left),BN.cf 3312-3325 (axe left). I dont know these references.

Any idea?

Some more examples?

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LT would be Henri de la Tour, 1892, Atlas de Monnaies Gauloises. BN is Bibliothèque nationale de France, Muret, "Catalogue des Monnaies Gaules de la Bibliothèque Nationale".

'cf' means this coin looks like one of the above e.g. LT 3316, but you can't tell precisely, because it isn't complete. Although I think the obverse and reverse are the other way around in your photo.

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yes, you are right. Often seeing such a piece, I am asking myself : what was it before ? where comes it from ? I've bought in the years 80 an old farm in the Belgian Ardennes, dated 1732. Transformating the house, I've found in one of the walls a piece of wood, dated 1694, with no sence to be there, but just in the good place for me now in the actual dining room. I love history, I studied history, but every year I am getting older, I have more problems to understand, because when I think to understand, a million questions are raising. I think it is the age ... but I like it.

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